The State of Women in Academic Medicine - June 25

This webinar will summarize the highlights from the new 2019 AAMC State of Women in Academic Medicine Report, an update to the previous edition of the AAMC report published in 2014. 

Data presented in this webinar provide a snapshot of women’s representation at key junctures in their roles as learners, faculty, and leaders as well as showcasing trends in women’s advancement over time. AAMC member medical schools and teaching hospitals can use these data to analyze the state of women in medicine and science at their institutions, identify opportunities to foster greater equity, and create actionable plans to improve the academic medicine learning environment and workplace. Understanding the state of women in academic medicine is key to acknowledging and evaluating the existing systems and structures that may be limiting or supporting them. New data points will be presented during this webinar by gender including scientific trainee pipeline, center and institute directors, administrative faculty and staff leadership roles across deans’ offices, department chairs by race/ethnicity, and perceptions of disrespect in the workplace. This webinar has been rescheduled from the original March date, which had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis. 

Diana Lautenberger
Director, Faculty and Staff Research, AAMC

Valerie Dandar
Director, Medical School Operations, AAMC

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