Supplemental ERAS Application Pilot Specialty Interest Session - January 27

Recorded On: 01/27/2022

For the 2022-2023 residency application season the Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) will continue to offer the supplemental application (SuppApp). The SuppApp is designed to complement the MyERAS Application by assisting students in sharing new information about themselves with programs while assisting the program community in finding applicants that fit their programs’ setting, values, and mission.

During the webinar the ERAS team will review for attendees:

  • The types of questions that applicants will have the opportunity to respond to
  • The individual requirements of each specialty participating in the SuppApp
  • The ERAS SuppApp timeline for specialties and programs to sign up and participate

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Dana Dunleavy, PhD
Senior Director, Behavioral Assessments

Jayme Bograd
Director, Pilot Administration

Michele Oesterheld
Director, ERAS

Rebecca Fraser, PhD
Director of Content Development, ASRD

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