Ready to Help! Partnering with Your Medical Librarian to Maximize Scholarly Success - August 18

Recorded On: 08/18/2023

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Alleviate your anxiety and learn how to build strong partnerships with medical librarians to enhance your education scholarship. Librarians bring a deep understanding of using conceptual frameworks, refining research questions, and performing targeted literature searches. They have expertise in a variety of research methodologies and the process needed to bring a research publication to fruition. In this session, speakers will discuss practical strategies for successfully partnering with medical librarians to amplify the impact of education scholarship. They will offer insights into the benefits and risks of using AI in research and explore how medical librarians can guide educators in navigating this evolving landscape.

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Gary S. Atwood, MSLIS, MA

Systematic Review Librarian & Library Associate Professor

Dana Health Sciences Library

Gary S. Atwood is a Library Associate Professor at the University of Vermont’s Dana Health Sciences Library. His primary responsibility is to serve as team leader for the library’s new systematic review service. He also participates, as either a collaborator or co-author, on reviews in the Larner College of Medicine, the College of Nursing and Allied Health, and the University of Vermont Medical Center. In addition, he serves on the library’s research support team with a special focus on topics such as personal knowledge management, research impact, and artificial intelligence tools. His research interests include information seeking behavior of students, faculty, and researchers as well as the use of technology in the research process. He lives in Burlington, Vermont.

Lee Crowther

Library Specialist

Association of American Medical Colleges

Lee Crowther entered the library field as an undergraduate after a faculty member referred him to a job at the university library’s social sciences help desk. After graduating with a degree in philosophy, he joined the AAMC as a library specialist. He enjoys partnering with colleagues across the organization and in academic medicine more broadly at all stages of projects to improve processes and achieve goals.

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