Publishing in Academic Medicine: Editors' Insights and Tips for Success - March 31

Recorded On: 03/31/2023

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Publishing your work in a peer-reviewed journal helps disseminate important findings and ideas to a wide audience. Yet publishing has become increasingly difficult as most journals receive large numbers of submissions and have low acceptance rates. What can you do to successfully navigate the publication process?

In this session, we will introduce participants to Academic Medicine, its focus areas, and editorial process. We will share tips for successful publication and describe available resources for authors. There will be time for Q&A with one or more members of the Academic Medicine editorial team.

After participating in this session, participants should be able to:    

  • Describe the focus areas of Academic Medicine
  • Describe the peer-review process and common reasons for rejection
  • Identify available resources for authors and reviewers

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Bridget O'Brien, PhD

Bridget O'Brien, PhD, is deputy editor, Academic Medicine; professor of medicine and an education scientist in the Office of Medical Education's Center for Faculty Educators, University of California San Francisco; and codirector, Teaching Scholars Program and the UCSF-University of Utrecht Health Professions Education doctoral program.

Colin West, MD, PhD

Colin West, MD, PhD, is deputy editor, Academic Medicine; practicing internist and professor of biostatistics, medical education, and medicine, Mayo Clinic; and assistant dean, GME Scholarship, and codirector, Program on Physician Well-Being, Mayo Clinic.

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