Leveraging AI to Support Operational Functions - June 25

Recorded On: 06/25/2024

Emerging technologies have the potential to support more than teaching and learning or clinical care, including creating efficiencies for everyday tasks, improving workflows, reducing cognitive load and weeding out redundant tasks or information. As AI is leveraged across schools, this webinar will explore how institutions are implementing AI behind the scenes to support administration, business decisions, and more.

Rebecca Canino, MBA

Executive Director of Telemedicine
Johns Hopkins Health System

John Morgan

IT Associate Director
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

John Morgan is an Associate Director of Information Technology at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, leading SIU’s Systems Administration team, Service Desk, and distributed technical support team.  John is a 2020 graduate of the GIR Leadership Institute, a current member of the GIR Steering Committee, and hosts the GIR’s IT Operations quarterly call series.

Michael Patriarca, MBA, MS

Executive Vice Dean, School of Medicine
Vice President, UT Health RGV

Ahmad Rezazadeh

Manager, Network Engineering
Stanford Health Care

I am currently the Manager of Network Engineering at Stanford Healthcare, where I've spent over twelve years driving innovation in the IT sector. Over the past three years, I have developed KleverNet, an IT tool designed to enhance and streamline complex IT tasks. Additionally, I've spearheaded the creation of a multi-tenant Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) application, utilizing both OpenAI's large language models and other local models, to facilitate document search across the organization. My work also extends to developing other AI-related applications that significantly boost the efficiency of various teams' day-to-day operations.

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