Learning Series 3: Approaching Telehealth Through a Health Equity Lens at the Health System and Patient Levels, a Children’s Colorado Example - August 18

Recorded On: 08/18/2023

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This is part of the Advancing Health Equity Through Telehealth: AAMC Learning Series.

In the last few years, the use of telehealth services has become a rapidly utilized model of healthcare. As the utilization of telehealth services continues to grow there is an emerging need to create solutions that prioritize improving equity and addressing diverse patient populations. As health systems continue to grow their telehealth footprint meeting the needs of underserved communities and providing digitally inclusive care is crucial. The use of a health equity lens can help institutions to develop, execute and analyze the impact telehealth services on patient populations and, ultimately, identify and eliminate barriers.

Children’s Hospital Colorado has implemented their own health equity lens in their approach to telehealth at the health system and patient levels. Children’s Hospital Colorado will detail their process for recognizing patient needs, exemplify telehealth technology and workflow features that prioritize improving equity in patient population and provide a framework for fellow institution to create organizational approach for optimizing telehealth services to address diverse patient population needs.

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Christina Olson, MD

Telehealth Medical Director, Children’s Hospital Colorado
Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Telehealth Curriculum Director, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

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