Learning Series 2: 2023 Telehealth Equity Catalyst Awards – Symposium Presentation Day 2 - August 16

Recorded On: 08/16/2023

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This is part of the Advancing Health Equity Through Telehealth: AAMC Learning Series.

The Telehealth Equity Catalyst (TEC) Awards seek to support AAMC-member institutions in their efforts to address barriers to telehealth and advance health care equity through innovative programing and creative use of telehealth and health technology. The following programs in this session demonstrate a commitment to removing barriers associated with the digital divide in telehealth and access for clinical delivery and medical training, particularly for underserved and under-resourced communities. Representatives from these programs will highlight how the TEC Awards have supported them in a successful campaign to expand access to telehealth and confront digital health disparities.

TEC Awards were launched as part of the AAMC’s efforts to support our members’ work to advance telehealth equity and serve as part of the AAMC’s strategic planning efforts to improve access to care for all. TEC Award applications for the 2024-2025 funding year will open in Spring 2024. For more information, please email telehealth@aamc.org.

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Anthony Cheng, MD

Oregon Health & Science University, School of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Medical Director, Office of Digital Health

Jin Sol Lee, MD, MPH

University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

Jennifer Lynn Rosenthal, MD, MAS

University of California, Davis

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Faculty Director, Digital Health Equity and Process Improvement

Christopher Nash, MD, EdM

Massachusetts General Hospital

Emergency Attending Physician
Medical Education Fellow – Graduated

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