Introduction to Qualitative Data Collection Methods - 10/14/2024

Includes a Live Web Event on 10/14/2024 at 12:00 PM (EDT)

This workshop is intended for physicians and generalists in medical education, as well as faculty and staff involved in student affairs, who wish to develop perspectives and skills for collecting qualitative data, such as data from focus group discussions, interviews, observation field notes, and responses to open-ended questions—used in admissions processes, program development, curriculum evaluation, needs assessments, performance evaluation, and various scholarship and research applications.

After participating in this workshop, learners will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate applied knowledge of the appropriate selection, use, and standards for rigor of some common methods for collection of qualitative data;
  2. Generate research questions appropriate for qualitative studies and choose appropriate data collection methods;
  3. Demonstrate applied knowledge of approaches to achieve rigor in the design of qualitative studies and collection of qualitative data;
  4. Demonstrate essential skills required for conducting focus groups

Recordings will be made available for viewing following the completion of each workshop. Viewing of recordings may not be substituted for participation in live workshops.

This workshop is a part of the MERC Virtual Workshop 2024 - Series 3.

Janet Hafler

Dr. Janet P. Hafler is Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning and a Professor of Pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. As an institutional priority to support the YSM mission, the Center for Medical Education (the Center) was created under the leadership of Dr. Hafler. In this role, Dr. Hafler oversees two important entities, Continuing Medical Education (CME) and the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). Both entities are organized under the Center to meet the increasing needs of medical educators in Undergraduate, Graduate Medical Education and Continuing Medical Education.

Dr. Hafler received her master's degree in education specializing in maternal and child health from Columbia University and her doctorate in Education from Harvard University. She focuses on assisting faculty, students, and residents to explore innovative ways to effectively promote learning in both the classroom and the clinical settings. Promoting, influencing and nurturing a climate in which physicians, residents and students can teach — and learn — has been foremost among her career objectives.

Through the TLC, Dr. Hafler continues to direct the Medical Education Fellowship for faculty educators as well as the Master of Health Science-Medical Education Pathway Degree. She also collaborates with Yale New Haven Hospital Graduate Medical Education overseeing Resident-as-Teacher programs for all Yale residents. Dr. John Encandela leads the TLC as its Executive Director overseeing student, faculty and program assessment and additional programs offered to YSM educators and departments.

Dr. Hafler leads the CME office, which is under Allison Rentfro, PhD as its Executive Director. Together they will expand the focus of the CME office to include continuing professional development (CPD), with a broader focus on professional development while continuing to provide courses on clinical medical education. YSM CME is positioned to broaden their scope to include a greater national presence and a new global outreach.

Dr. Hafler runs an active research program applying qualitative research methods in medical education. She collaborates with and mentors faculty on the elements of qualitative research in the field of medical education and medical care. In turn, mentored faculty members have learned to develop and demonstrate the tools necessary to effectively teach and lead others. Dr. Hafler is very widely published with book chapters, curriculum materials and original articles in medical education and clinical journals. She frequently serves as visiting professor internationally and has been invited to present regularly at regional and national professional meetings.


Introduction to Qualitative Data Collection Methods - Workshop - 10/14/2024
10/14/2024 at 12:00 PM (EDT)  |  180 minutes
10/14/2024 at 12:00 PM (EDT)  |  180 minutes
MERC Workshop Evaluation: Introduction to Qualitative Data Collection- 10/14/2024
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