Enhancing Integration through Team Teaching (Building Better Curriculum) - April 8, 2020

Enhanced integration of basic and clinical sciences at the session level promotes meaningful knowledge connections for increased retrieval in clinical settings.  In this session, participants will learn about team teaching models and how to apply them to achieve enhanced session-level integration.  Facilitators will introduce an integration rubric as a tool to evaluate and improve upon session-level integration.  Facilitators will introduce strategies to enhance cognitive integration by optimizing the design and delivery of key content.  In addition, facilitators will explore the challenges and solutions to implementing team teaching in integrated curricula.    

Session Objectives: 

Participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate the levels of integration within curricula, courses, and individual sessions. 
  • Articulate the need for enhanced integration and the role of team teaching in achieving cognitive integration. 
  • Map current practices and new ideas to the integration rubric.   

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