GFP Webinar: Hiring, Supporting and Incentivizing Department Chiefs in Today’s Dynamic Environment - February 15

Recorded On: 02/15/2023

Department chiefs and chairs today are taking on larger roles in leading large clinical enterprises that not only expand their own organizations but an entire network. This has increased the need for management experience to ensure success in these roles. This urgency has increased as new clinical imperatives continue to expand. With these changes in mind, what should organizations be looking for in department leaders and chairs? What skills do leaders need to acquire to be successful? How can incentives be aligned to further success? This webinar will suggest the critical skills and attributes essential for a successful department chief or chair and will invite discussion regarding meeting the challenge of filling these important positions. The speaker will also share specific, actionable ways to recruit, incentivize, and support department leaders. This webinar is sponsored by the AAMC’s Group on Faculty Practice (GFP), and open to all AAMC constituents (employees of AAMC member institutions) who are interested in attending.

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Alexa Kimball, MD, MPH (Speaker)

President and CEO, Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians
Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School

Talal Khan, MD, MBA (Moderator)

President, University of Kansas Physicians
Professor & Chair, Anesthesiology & Pain Management
University of Kansas Medical Center & Health System
University of Kansas School of Medicine

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