AAMC Building Better Curriculum Webinar - September 14

Recorded On: 09/14/2022

More Than a Checkbox: Developing Learning Objectives that Provide Meaning and Value for Medical Education Programs

Learning objectives are a critical component to integrated course design. Yet, medical educators and educational leaders often struggle to find meaning or success when developing learning objectives. This poses a significant problem for the quality of educational programs and may increase risk of citations during LCME accreditation reviews. In this session, participants will first explore the purpose of learning objectives in the larger context of course, clerkship, and educational program design. Through illustrative examples, the speaker will then provide guidance for writing effective learning objectives using a structured template.  In this discussion, participants will consider the use of “high” and “low” order objectives and how to integrate objective development with instructional and assessment strategies. Participants will conclude the session with a strategy for developing improved learning objectives at their home institution.

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Michael S. Ryan, MD, MEHP

Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Dean for Assessment, Evaluation, Research, and Scholarly Innovation, Director of the Center for Medical Education Research and Scholarly Innovation

Dr. Ryan is a pediatric hospitalist and medical educator at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.  He has served as clerkship director, associate program director, vice chair of education, and associate dean.  Throughout the continuum of education, he has had the opportunity to develop educational programs and learning objectives.

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