Understanding and Addressing Sexual Harassment in Academic Medicine: A New AAMC Report (IDEAS) - August 24

Recorded On: 08/24/2022


Join us for an in-depth look at the results from the AAMC's recent publication, Understanding and Addressing Sexual Harassment in Academic Medicine. This webinar will include never-before-seen rates of harassment among faculty across multiple institutions, connections between harassment and engagement and retention, as well as innovative practices to address and prevent harassment from nine qualitative institutional interviews. This report and webinar focuses on gender harassment, the most prevalent but often overlooked, among faculty and explores institutional interventions to prevent these behaviors before they even begin.

The AAMC IDEAS (Inclusion Diversity, Equity, Antiracism) Webinar series provides actionable information about DEI strategies that you can put into practice to become a more effective and successful leader, educator, and member of the academic medicine community.   

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Diana Lautenberger
Director, Gender Equity Initiatives

Valerie Dandar
Director, Medical School Operations

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