Competency By What Design? Exploring the Claims and the Evidence of Competency-Based Education (Building Better Curriculum) - August 17, 2022

Recorded On: 08/17/2022

As educators, leaders and researchers implementing CBME to train and assess residents, you’ve all done your best using available evidence, alongside your personal interpretations of how CBME is ‘supposed to work’. Dr. Brydges will present findings from a recent critical narrative review that synthesized and judged the existing evidence underpinning the many assumptions about CBME. His team found a mixed evidence base, with limited diversity in research designs and the types of competencies studied. He will discuss tensions to resolve (where evidence is mixed) and research questions to ask (where evidence is absent). As a follow-up to the review, Dr. Brydges co-led a series of projects on how faculty fulfill the role of ‘Academic Advisor’ as they coach residents through CBME. In studying how this dyadic relationship forms and functions over time, he will describe the many implications for how to better prepare faculty and residents to realize the benefits of co-regulated learning. During this presentation, attendees will be encouraged to uncover their own assumptions about CBME, consider the value of those assumptions, and brainstorm timely interventions to test how and why CBME functions in their local setting (or not).

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Ryan Brydges, PhD

Professorship in Technology-Enabled Education

Ryan Brydges holds the Professorship in Technology-Enabled Education, Unity Health Toronto, and is Director of Medical Education Scholarship at the Dept of Medicine, University of Toronto. He studies how healthcare trainees, professionals, and the teams they form regulate their learning. He also tests the claims that medical training prepares professionals for their future lifelong learning.

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