Conducting Course Reviews for Continuous Quality Improvement (Building Better Curriculum) - July 13, 2022

Recorded On: 07/13/2022

This presentation outlines the approach that The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences uses to evaluate individual courses in the medical school curriculum. During the webinar, program evaluation and LCME elements related to curriculum review will be examined. An overview of our curriculum governance structure will be provided along with committee responsibilities for the different components of program evaluation. The presentation will focus on our step-by-step course review process for continuous quality improvement, examples of the types of data reviewed, and sample forms that are used in the process.

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Dr. Lori M. DeShetler

Lori M. DeShetler, PhD, is the Assistant Dean for Assessment and Accreditation in the Department of Medical Education at The University of Toledo. Dr. DeShetler oversees the accreditation, CQI, curriculum mapping, and program evaluation for the MD program, and chairs the Curriculum Evaluation and College Assessment Committees.

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