Supplemental ERAS application - Internal Medicine programs - July 27

The Association of American Medical Colleges® (AAMC®) will host an informational 60-minute webinar titled, “Supplemental ERAS application 101” for Internal Medicine (IM) residency programs. 

The Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) is offering a new and free supplemental application, for the 2022 recruitment cycle, designed to help students share more about themselves and assist program directors in finding applicants that fit their programs’ setting and mission. In addition to the main MyERAS application, three specialties (internal medicine, dermatology, and general surgery) will encourage their programs to use the supplemental ERAS application.  

During the webinar, AAMC staff will provide an overview of the supplemental ERAS application and timeline of when the application will be available to programs.
Attendees will be able to submit questions to AAMC staff as they register for the event, as well as during the presentation via the ‘Q&A chat’ panel. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session when AAMC staff will answer as many questions as time allows. Due to time constraints, not all questions will be answered. Questions that do not get answered will be addressed in a follow up email to attendees.  

This webinar will be recorded and shared with IM residency programs after the July 27 live webinar.

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Amy Mathis
Senior Director, ERAS

Dana Dunleavy, Ph.D
Director, Admissions and Selection Research and Development, AAMC

D. Craig Brater, M.D., MACP
AAIM President and CEO

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