AAMC Building Better Curriculum Webinar - January 13

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Presentation 1: Utilizing MeSH Keywords for Curriculum Inventory (Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine)

Properly identifying curriculum keywords increases the Curriculum Inventory (CI) functionality, better supporting important medical school functions including program accreditation, curriculum committee procedures, student study plans, etc. The process by which faculty and staff identify, document, and query keywords varies greatly between institutions and is influenced by the curriculum inventory data management systems utilized. At Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine, we have implemented several processes to standardize how faculty and staff identify keywords, including utilizing Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), resulting in more accurate queries of our curriculum content. This presentation will describe the lessons learned and our current best practices for collecting keywords for more accurate querying of the curriculum inventory.

Presentation 2: Documenting a Curricular Response to COVID-19 in your CI (The University of California, Irvine School of Medicine)

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic included curricular modifications to support the transition to remote learning. This presentation shares the approach that the UCI School of Medicine took to standardize the documentation of these modifications for local curricular review as well as for upload to the AAMC Curriculum Inventory.

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Christa Clarke, M.S.

Project Manager, Curriculum Office

Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine

Christa Clarke currently serves as the Project Manager of the Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine Office of Curriculum. She oversees the Undergraduate Medical Education Program Curriculum Transformation Initiative projects and supports the Liaison Committee on Medical Education accreditation compliance efforts. Prior to her experience in medical education, Christa oversaw access to care projects for UT Physicians outpatient clinics. Her professional expertise is in program operations, quality improvement, and curriculum transformation.

Lindsay Godfrey, M.Ed.

Senior Coordinator, Program Management

Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine

Lindsay Godfrey currently serves as the Senior Coordinator for Program Management at Baylor College of Medicine - UME.  Her roles include but are not limited to extensive collaboration with staff, use case design, course development training to faculty, and providing support to sub-committees within the Curriculum Renewal Workgroups.  She also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Foundational Sciences for a Houston Area University and Community College.  Prior to her experience in higher education, she was an Early Childhood Educator specializing in curriculum development, assessment, and instructional design.

Jennifer Christner, MD


Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine

Dr. Christner currently serves as the Dean, School of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. In this role she oversees the continuum of medical education – UME, GME and CME. Her research interests focus on medical education and she has been the recipient of several medical education grants that have focused on both novel assessment of medical students and novel faculty development programs. She has been invited for numerous presentations nationally and internationally, serves on several national education committees and is the recipient of several teaching awards.

Julie Youm, PhD

Assistant Dean, Education Compliance and Quality; Director, Educational Technology

University of California, Irvine School of Medicine

Julie Youm, PhD, is the Assistant Dean, Education Compliance and Quality, and the Director, Educational Technology at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. Her interests and experience include curriculum and instructional design, systems implementations, faculty development, and continuous quality improvement.

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