AAMC 2020 Policy and Advocacy Outlook - February 18, 2020

With Congressional activity ramping up and the President’s FY 2021 budget expected to be released in early February, AAMC Government Relations is offering a policy and advocacy webinar for AAMC members. 

AAMC staff will provide updates on legislative and policy issues affecting academic medicine, including the 2020 outlook and recommended actions. An agenda will be published ahead of the webinar.

AAMC 2020 Policy and Advocacy Outlook Webinar
February 18, 2020, 4:00 p.m. ET

I. Introduction – Erica Froyd

II. FY 2021 Appropriations Recommendations and Outlook
a. NIH and other public health agencies – Tannaz Rasouli
b. VA and NSF – Christa Wagner, PhD
c. HRSA programs, including Title VII and VIII – Brett Roude

III. Education, Diversity and Equity Issues
a. Higher Education Reauthorization – Brett Roude
b. DACA and other immigration issues – Matt Shick, JD

IV. Health Care Delivery Legislative and Policy Overview
a. Medicare GME – Len Marquez and Ally Perleoni
b. Surprise billing – Ally Perleoni
c. Medicaid DSH – Jason Kleinman
d. Drug pricing – Jason Kleinman
e. Medicaid policy and regulations – Jason Kleinman

Components visible upon registration.