Effective Communication - December 11

Webinar on Effective Communication sponsored by the GIP Subcommittee on Professional Development.

In today’s academic healthcare environment, a key component driving organizational success is effective communication.  Whether you are grappling with mergers and acquisitions, implementing strategic plans, influencing change within your organization, or navigating high-stakes conversations, communicating effectively is an invaluable skill set. 

The webinar will address:  

  • How emotional intelligence impacts the quality of communication 
  • Management of ambiguity by using a solution-focused approach to close the “knowing-doing gap”  
  • How to overcome the “deadly obstacles” often encountered in difficult conversations 
  • Best practices for crafting high-quality messages 

Participants will be asked to share their most daunting communication challenges prior to the webinar. These examples will be incorporated into the webinar as case examples.  

Speaker: R. Kevin Grigsby, MSW, DSW, Senior Director, Member Organizational Development at the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington, DC. 

Kevin Grigsby, MSW, DSW

Senior Director, Membership Organizational Development

Dr. Grigsby and his team serve as the primary source of expertise regarding the assessment of organizational culture and its consequences. He facilitates development of a future-oriented perspective on the part of leaders in academic medicine and science and provides expertise regarding change management strategies for improving the organizational culture and performance at medical schools. These efforts include improving organizational diversity and inclusion and promoting equity in the distribution of resources, opportunities, and rewards.

Dr. Grigsby promotes effective interpersonal communication within academic health systems and helps organizations to implement conflict resolution strategies at the department and institutional levels. He advocates for promoting faculty and staff participation in organizational decision-making processes and has been instrumental in creating and leading career development programs for interim leaders, aspiring leaders, associate deans, and department chairs. Prior to joining the AAMC in 2009, Grigsby served as Professor of Psychiatry and Vice Dean for Faculty and Administrative Affairs at Penn State College of Medicine.

He also serves as a trusted source of scholarship regarding organizational culture and its consequences at medical schools and academic health systems. Grigsby is the author of over 100 journal articles, book chapters, and books. Grigsby and his AAMC colleague William T. Mallon, EdD, coauthor the AAMC Successful Medical School Department Chair series. The three-volume set includes Leading: Top Skills, Attributes, and Behaviors Critical for Success (2016), Recruiting: Proven Search and Hiring Practices for the Best Talent (2017), and Thriving: New Perspectives and Approaches for Personal and Organizational Success (Forthcoming.)  

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