Using the AAMC Quality Pay-for-Performance Report to Uncover Insights at your Institution - April 10

This webinar accompanies the release of the AAMC’s FY2019 Quality Pay-for-Performance Report. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss issues and recommendations during a Q & A session at the end of the presentation. 

This webinar will enable participants to: 

  1. Describe MedPAC’s March 2019 report to Congress which recommends the revamp and combination of the three current pay-for-performance programs, and engage with the latest regulatory work from the AAMC on quality pay-for-performance programs, 
  2. Find hospital-specific rates on the Quality Pay-for-Performance Report in order to trace the source of penalties and bonuses at your institution for FY2019, and 
  3. Utilize new features/revisions of the report. 

Matt Baker
Senior Research Analyst

Phoebe Ramsey
Sr. Regulatory Analyst - Quality & Payment Policy

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