PDWS Overview Part II (Advanced) - July 22

This is the second of two webinars that go over reviewing and filtering applications. Learn to navigate the PDWS and receive expert consultation from the AAMC’s ERAS technical support specialists. 

This webinar assumes that you have completed the PDWS Overview Part I webinar.

Topics covered: 

  • Creating and using custom scores, statuses, and attributes
  • Assigning reviewers and entering reviewer notes/scores
  • Bulk actions to multiple applicants
  • Customizing export templates
  • Advanced filter functions
  • Extra tools to help manage applications
  • Q & A

Please use Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari on this site.  Internet Explorer will not function properly as it is too old to be compatible with the system.

Richard Peng
Sr. Training Specialist, ERAS

Mary Holloway
Client Technical Support Specialist

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