Managing the PDWS Interview Scheduler Overview (Advanced Skills) - December 5

This is the second of two webinars that goes over interview scheduling in the PDWS. Learn to navigate PDWS Interview Scheduler and receive expert consultation from the AAMC’s ERAS technical support specialists. 

This webinar builds on the PDWS Overview Part I Webinar and PDWS Interview Scheduler Overview Webinar.

Topics covered: 

  • Managing interviewers with the Interview Scheduler
  • Filtering for applicant scheduled dates
  • Creating templates for messages
  • Pairing interviewers with applicants
  • Entering interviewer notes and scores
  • Using private events to your advantage
  • Q & A

Juliann Winn
ERAS Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, AAMC

Richard Peng 
ERAS Senior Training Specialist, AAMC

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