Effective Practices for Issuing Acceptances and Managing Class Yield - October 14

As admissions officers prepare to begin issuing acceptances for the incoming class of 2022, effective communication between schools, applicants, and advisors will continue to be the glue that ensures a seamless admission season. Admissions officers desire to seat a class that meets their institutional mission. Applicants endeavor to matriculate in a program that will meet their personal and professional needs. Advisors aspire to support and guide their students through a complex admissions process using accurate and timely information. This webinar will highlight effective practices that will enable each of these stakeholders to achieve their goals with transparency and professionalism.

As a result of participating in this webinar, participants will:

  1.     Develop a shared understanding of professionalism to inform the practices of applicants, advisors, and medical schools throughout the admissions season
  2.     Consider the importance of publishing admissions policies in easily accessible locations and ensuring consistency between their websites, MSAR profiles, and correspondence with applicants
  3.     Understand the value of building strong relationships between admissions and advising offices in helping applicants adhere to multiple admissions policies simultaneously

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Joel Maurer, MD
Assistant Dean for Admissions, College of Human Medicine
Michigan State University

Linda Berardi-Demo, EdD, MPA
Associate Dean, Admissions, Enrollment and Student Affairs, College of Medicine
Drexel University

LaShauna Connell, M.S.Ed.
Director, Co-Curricular Pre-Professional Preparatory Program (CP3), Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions
Lincoln University

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