Crafting and Communicating Effective Admission Policies - February 5

The primary purpose of the medical school admissions process is to serve applicants, medical schools, and the medical profession, by making informed and thoughtful decisions about those who seek medical education. This responsibility demands the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behavior. Documenting and sharing clear, consistent, explicitly timeline driven admissions policies, processes, and criteria with all applicants and key audiences can help increase awareness and understanding of what the school requires from applicants throughout the admissions process.

During this 75-minute webinar, representatives from AAMC member institutions will discuss steps they have taken to develop admissions policies that support institution-specific enrollment goals. Webinar speakers will also share how admissions policies were communicated to and interpreted by applicants at various points in the application cycle.

By the end of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Understand strategies used by medical schools to create effective admissions policies.
  • Gauge how their existing admissions policies may be interpreted by medical school applicants.
  • Develop admissions policies that respect applicants’ agency and individual career aspirations.
  • Consider nuances specific to special interest applicant populations (i.e. underrepresented, mission-based, disadvantaged, first generation).

Kendra Nordgren, PhD
Assistant Dean of Admissions
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences
University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus

Celia Williams-Fowlkes, M.Ed.
Director of Admissions, College of Medicine
Howard University

Tanisha N. Price-Johnson, PhD 
Executive Director of Admissions, Director
Pre-Medical Admissions Pathway (PMAP)
Research Assistant Professor, Family and Community Medicine
The University of Arizona College of Medicine- Tucson
Chair, AAMC GSA Committee on Admissions (COA)

Sabrina Aaron, Howard University College of Medicine
Ravin Holmes,  Howard University College of Medicine
Kherah Rawlins, Howard University College of Medicine
Caleb Hoover, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 
Kriti Prasad, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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