AMCAS for Schools Launch: Learning to Use the New Platform - February 7

Please join PJ Kania, Director of AMCAS Product Management, as he previews the launch of the new AMCAS for Schools platform with a live demonstration of its reports and features. Moderated by Rachel Shore, AMCAS Medical School Engagement Specialist, this 90-minute webinar will provide admissions officers and IT staff a comprehensive training session of the new AMCAS platform that will go live on February 12, 2019. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How the collaboration with, and input from, the admissions community influenced development 
  • Details on the new management features for users
  • How to use the new tool, including what admissions data will be available and when
  • The importance of submitting admissions action data on a timely basis
  • The importance of including Choose Your Medical School in school-specific policies for applicants
  • What AMCAS resources will be available for training 

There will be time at the end of this live demonstration to ask questions. 

We encourage your admissions and technical teams to attend this webinar to ensure you are prepared for the live launch of AMCAS for Schools on February 12, 2019.

PJ Kania
Director of AMCAS Product Management 

Rachel Shore
AMCAS Medical School Engagement Specialist

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