Telehealth Competencies to Train the Current and Future Physician Workforce - July 15

Telehealth, defined as the use of technology to deliver health care at a distance, has become an increasingly important and commonly used tool for delivering care to patients. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, providers’ use of telehealth in teaching hospitals was growing steadily. Yet there was a lack of consensus on the competencies needed to provide high quality and equitable telehealth care. To meet this need, the AAMC, together with the AAMC Telehealth Advisory Committee, recently released Cross-Continuum Competencies in Telehealth.  This session will provide an introduction to these competencies and engage the attendees in an interactive discussion about the barriers and benefits of integrating them across academic medicine. The competencies and accompanying report, Telehealth Competencies Across the Learning Continuum, are final and free to access on the AAMC website.

The report can be accessed here: Telehealth Competencies Across the Learning Continuum 


Lisa Howley, PhD, MEd          
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships in Medical Education   

Neal Sikka, MD           
Chief, Innovative Practice & Telemedicine Section and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine 
GW Medical Faculty Associates          

Scott Shipman, MD, MPH       
Director of Clinical Innovations          

Sarah Hampton                                    
Program Specialist, Clinical Innovations         

Kamilah Weems, MS                           
Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships in Medical Education  

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